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Hard Drive Data Recovery SSD

We recover data from any Hard Drive SSD brand or interface.

Hard Drives SSD are complex, dynamic and active mechanical components, so they are often exposed to malfunctions. Being dynamic components, the stored data can be lost due to various reasons.

In general data on a Hard Disk SSD may be lost due to the following defections types:

  • corrupted firmware / firmware section defect
  • electronic damage (PCB defect)
  • mechanical damage (read heads or motor defect)
  • logical damage (corrupted Hard Disk)

If your hard disk SSD can be recovered or not depends on exactly what happened to the hard and how serious the fault is.

First it must be evaluated to determine if data access is restricted by a physical problem, most cases of data loss is caused by such problems.

In case of physical breakdowns, data recovery process is complex, expensive and at the same time, because it involves disassembling the Hard Disk in Clean Room in order to avoid contact with dust and other particles in the air. Also you need professional equipment to read data from platters.

Hard Drive SSD Data Recovery

Hdd SSD with logical damage – functional storage device:.. 100-150 euro

Data recovery with PCB replacement:………………….100-250 euro

Mechanical damage (depends on the cause):………………. pana la 450 euro

*If the hard drive SSD is already opened, an additional charge of 200 € will be added to the normal price.

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