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Data recovery

Save Data

Save Data has a data recovery laboratory so-called Clean Room (Class 100), important part of the data recovery process.

We are the only company in Transylvania (Cluj-Napoca) that has a Clean Room.

The Clean Room is an environment where temperature and humidity are controlled to protect the sensitive equipment (storage devices) against the contamination with the impurities on the air.

The environment is continuously ventilated with filtered air.

People working in such an environment must wear special gloves, masks, special protection costumes covering the entire body including head, to minimize the contamination.

Thus, this allows a smooth data recovery process in optimal conditions, leading to a successful data recovery.

Data Recovery Process

The data recovery process consists of three stages:

01. Device Evaluation

Implies the examination of the storage device in order to establish:


the damage type

the probability of recovering your data

the total cost of the recovery

the time needed for the recovery


The evaluation result is presented to the client in order to approve the starting of the actual data recovery process.

02. Data Recovery

The data recovery consists in restoring and extracting the data from the storage device.


In general, the storage device will be return to the client in the same conditions as it was when received.


Though, there are cases when the storage device will be totally damaged in the data recovery process.

03. Data Delivery

The recovered data will be delivered on a DVD + R DL (up to 8.5GB), or a CD-R (up to 700MB).


If the amount of data to be delivered exceeds the size of a DVD, the data will be delivered on a USB Flash Drive or an external Hard Drive, that will be provided by the client or will be provided by us at customer request (the cost of the device will be supported by the client).


If the storage device had no physical damages, and is totally functional, the data will be returned on the original device.


A copy of the data will be kept locally for 10 days after the delivery, to make sure that the customer received the recovered data.


The client has the possibility to choose the delivery option through a courier company, the content of the package will be insured (all the costs will be supported by the client).

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